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MaLou Art Consulting is pleased to announce its participation at the 8th International Contemporary Art Fair Cosmoscow.

The gallery introduces three contemporary artists, showcasing their work for the first time in Moscow.

Konstantinos Michalos, Greece

Kostantinos Michalos belongs to a new Greek artist generation. He expresses through his paintings his psychological drives as well as his philosophical, spiritual and social concepts. His art is deeply person-centered even in its most abstract form, and traces of human presence are evident in all of his works, either in the form of abstract elements or as symbolic correlations. According to Klee’s statement: Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible; Michalos’ paintings constitute an intrusive look in his internal obsessions, where by retracting them, they transform into images; these images are then processed and formed into art signals or symbols, according to the concepts in the artist’s mind. Sensitively strong, exposed, divested like a reptile which lost its skin, but aristocratically dressed in his paradox expressionism, Michalos observes new psychic aspects which reflect in the traces of his painting actions. The Ocean and the Earth utopically mingled… Assimilated areas of the visual arts as “Down – Up” and “Rear- Front”… Elongated sensitive environment… There are no borders anywhere in this expansionist paradoxical expressionism, without blatant colors but with enigmatic purples and blacks, deep reds and blues.

Sophia Papadopoulou,  Greece

Sophia Papadopoulou was born in Athens, where she currently lives and works. She is a graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts. As part of her studies, she has attended various workshops, including Painting, Scenography, Photography, Mosaic & Sculpture. During her Bachelor studies, she participated in the Erasmus Student Exchange Program, spending a semester at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona. In the series of mixed media paintings “Without” she tries to touch the psychological aspect of human feelings and actions. She creates her own language writing and technique, in which every line and every shade of colour have a certain meaning. Sophia Papadopoulou said:“My abstract works inviting the viewer to a multi-reading process, deliberation and dispute. My abstract writing presents a modern creative proposal that reflects the trends of contemporary art.’’

Zorica Krstic,  Serbia

The words of G. F. Watts ‘’I paint ideas, not things’’ fully express the concept of Zorica’s art. The distinct style of Zorica’s imaginative paintings is a blend of surreal, symbolic and metaphysical elements. She uses mythological and dream imagery. The symbols she uses are not familiar emblems but intensely personal and ambiguous philosophical references. Each painting by Zorica is deliberately saturated with a mass of amazing details. All this details in her creations help to understand the artist’s vision. She strives to follow her own nature and wants to express her perception of the world. Rich colors, graceful lines and subtle textures characterize her varied work. Each of her paintings is a real masterwork. Zorica Krstic is a Serbian artist. She was born in Sremska Mitrovica in former Yugoslavia where as a child she first studied painting at the side of her Artist mother. At sixteen, she was working in the Art Studio of the hyper-realist Dragan Martinovic. From 1988 to 1993, she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad, graduating in the painting class of Professor Jovan Rakidzic and in the drawing class of Professor Milan Stashevic.

The inaugural online edition of the Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair is an opportunity to discover works by contemporary artists selected in accordance with Cosmoscow principles and traditions:

  • Expert selection of galleries and artists represented at virtual booths,
  • Direct communication with the galleries and an opportunity to book artworks online,
  • Besides the booths of galleries featured in the Main, Frame, Editions, and Design sections, the online fair also includes special projects of partners and the Cosmoscow Foundation,
  • Access to the online program of discussions.
  • September 7–10  Online Preview for privileged guests of the Fair
  • September 11–15 Online Cosmoscow is open for the public

Online Cosmoscow features both the galleries presented at the offline Fair and an expanded range of galleries, each represented by a virtual booth with works by selected artists. This platform is intended to become an additional tool for building direct communication between galleries and clients during the Cosmoscow fair in order to increase art sales.

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