Dimitra Natskouli studies Psychology at the National & Kapodestrian University of Athens. She continues her studies as a scholar of the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) specializing in Dance/Movement Psychotherapy in Goldsmiths College University of London. She works with several populations in Greece and abroad using the art as a therapeutic tool. She studies Byzantine Iconography under the guidance of professor G. Kordis and later, under the guidance of iconographer and street artist Fikos. She also attends the tradition of iconography in an orthodox monastery of Greece.



Her artworks, mainly portraits and compositions, are inspired by psychic states that reflect a timeless and innocent dimension within us. The art of Iconography is used in a modern way to communicate the sacred, which is eternally present, or the presence which is eternally sacred. This dimension lies within the spectator and the artworks are there to simply mirror it.

She incorporates the use of symbols, as they derive from the archetypal unconscious and, furthermore she uses the body posture as a symbol itself to reveal psychic states of being. Time and timeless, flesh and spirit, separation and unity dance simultaneously within us, weaving the opposites and revealing the sacred soul of human kind.