Anna Antarti was born in Athens in 1984. She starts drawing from a very
young age and in 2002 she enters both the Aristotle University of Fine Arts
in Thessaloniki (in first place) and the Athens School of Fine Arts, where
she studies painting under professor Tassos Christakis. She also attends
printmaking by V. Kazakos and V. Tsalamata and sculpting by G. Houliaras.
In 2005 she expands her printmaking studies at the Vienna Academy
of Fine Arts in the workshop of G. Damish. In 2007 she graduates manga cum
laude from Athens School of Fine Arts. After her graduation she works at
the National Art Gallery and Alexander Soutzos Museum in the art conservation
department of M. Doulgeridis. Since 2010 she is a member of the Greek Chamber
for Visual Arts. Her artwork has been exhibited in group shows and is part of
private collections.


 The composition of her works consists of vertical direction
and shape, reflecting a powerful dynamic quality. Large scale canvases
occasionally depict minimalistic elements in search of a deeper meaning. Colours
sometimes appear to be on the surface and at other times appear to fade back.
The artist deliberately chooses to use a stable and powerful colour palette
of blacks, whites, yellows, reds, and earth tones.

To ensure an ideal connection of tactile and visual experience she combines
levels of depth, the illusion of “near” and “far” and the use of hard and soft
The composition of the material is defined by its adjoining elements giving,
on occasion, a near obsession with the material itself.

Although a primary trigger is always present, the composition of a work rarely
starts with a clear theme in mind, but rather relies on the juxtaposition of
diverse materials, colours and shapes, to define its final form and meaning.
For this reason, her works do not bear titles as she chooses to invite her
audience to interpret the abstract form in their own way thus expanding the
range of potential interpretations of her work.


 2001 1st Prize at the EBO exhibition for young artists, Cultural Centre of Athens.


 2008 Gallery Alexandros, Kifisia, Athens.


 2015   “Dialogue between the artist and the spectator” Malou art gallery, Athens.

2014   “Greek Contemporary Painting“ Gallery Alexandros Pefki, Athens.

2012   “90 Years from the disaster of Asia Minor”, Panetolium Building, Nea Ionia, Athens.

2007   “Graduating Class 2006-2007”, N.Kessanlis Exhibition Hall, Athens School of Fine Arts