Article on Dwelling and Habitation.To retreat, in order to receive. Levinas’ take on dwelling, the separated self and welcoming the other

                        By Maja Berseneva, MA Philosophy

Maja Berseneva was born and raised in Moscow. She is a philosopher, translator and language teacher, currently living and working in Athens, Greece. She studied philosophy, political theory and Greek philology in Berlin and Athens. Her passion is writing poems on travelling, inclusion, exclusion, moods, ageing and loss, while her current most inspiring  research area is the vulnerable self and the ethics of the welcome in Levinas’ work. Maja Berseneva has held presentations on the topic of Machiavellianism, love as vulnerable, existential vulnerability and the transformative power of vulnerability at conferences in the universities of Panteion in Athens (Machiavelli in perspective), Tromso (Love in philosophy, literature and philology), Oxford (Figuring Existence) and Exeter (Engaged Phenomenology). Her further research interests entail philosophy of mind, affectivity, self-experience, empathy, personhood, phenomenology, alterity, ethics of embodiment, vulnerability and the human condition, intentionality, philosophy of medicine and mental health, politics in the feminine, philosophy of sexual difference, embodied female subjectivity, violence, and feminist life.

Article on Dwelling and habitation october 2020 The journal Études Phénoménologiques

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