Avant -garde in Wassily Kandinsky’s view and Greek Folk Graphic (spindles)

Exhibition 22-29 September 2014

MaLou Art & Consulting presents a regular permanent exhibition devoted to Avant-garde  and the influence of Greek folk art / spindles 16-18th centuries/ on them. This exhibition is accompanied by a lecture:

-1. Principles of Aesthetic and Artistic Change

-2. Three perspectives of Avant -garde: Art, Religion, Politics

-3. Multifold Search for Essence

-4. Wagner’s Leitmotifs and Maeterlinck’s Word

-5. That, how the Spirit observes

-6. Schoenberg’s counter-count, triangle movement, movement up and down

-7. Suprematist  reality from zero or the first experiments of minimalism

-8. The Dot and the non physical position of the objects on the surface

-9. Predicting graphic / spindles 16-18 centuries/

-10. Avant-garde  – aesthetic of labor and general comprehension of  the subject

-11. Compliance of the leitmotif image with genuine image / Plato/

-12. Quota of the sound. Philosophical aspects

-13. Comprising the Vision

-14. Simultaneous cluster perception and symbol transfer into a sensual reality

-15. Direct relations with the system of symbols

-16. Impression, improvisation, composition

-17. Graphic idea of Trinity in artistic thinking

-18. Symbol and contextual attraction

Exhibition 22/09-29/09/2014, 10:00-14:00 and 19.00-21.00 Monday -Saturday

Opening event: 22/09/2014,  19:00-22:00

The lectures by Art director of Malou Art Consultings & Gallery  Hrinchenko-Evstathiadou Liudmila begins at 20.00