MaLou Art Consulting has developed a concept which is based on the idea about the relations  the text of ancient Greek tragedy and its possible illustration analogue.  We have investigate how Plato’s and Aeschylus’s tragedies ‘’sound’’ within an objective  Art and how a Suprematist composition allows to reveal the mystical problem of Truth .

The curator of the project is Art Director of MaLou Art Gonsulting Luidmila Hrinchenko-Evstathiadou. ‘’The Allegory of the Cave’’ , ‘’The Myth of Er’’ by Plato and ‘’Tragedy of itself’’, ’’Prometheus Bound’’ by Aeschylus were selected for the experiment. The Artist Athanasia- Iris Giaxidis completed the illustrations for the book ‘’ Plato, Aeschylus and Post Avant-Garde Art Plus Tragedy –Minus Illusion’’. It should be noted that it is not as simple illustrations but this is an  experience of the art philosophizing in the color on an unknown theme,  which corresponds to the metaphorical, search, emerging in the process nature of above-dialectical reality.

The concept of the project  has been also tested in the psychological experiment and has been recognized as interesting experience which allows even more emphasis definitions of catharsis  of Ancient drama.

The MaLou Art Consulting continues to work on this project with artists of various artistic movenents.

The MaLou Art Consulting is very grateful for psychologists from all the countries that gave their reviews about this experiment: Anna-Maria Kyriakopoulos, D.Lerabal, Lee Green, A.Bennet, H.Gugcher,  Chenzoff, H.Lichinakis, H.Rukaritzin ,  Pavloff,  M.Carter, Ben Cooley, A.Irest, J. Barber,  K.Macy, M.Bruce, A.Baranoff, M.Inek,  L.Fisher, L.Dragulis, G. Asimakopoulos, N.Stathopoulou, N.Golin.

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