Dialog between the artist and viewer

MaLou  Art Gallery  presents a cycle of exhibitions of  new generation Greek artists.

Exhibition ‘’Dialog between The Artist and The Viewer’’, group  exhibition, 20 November to 23 December 2015.

Painting is a thundering conflict of different worlds, which in and out of the battle with one another are intended to create the new world, which is called the world of art. Each work arises technically in a way similar to that in which the cosmos arose – through catastrophes, which from the chaotic roaring of the instruments finally create a symphony, the music of the spheres. The creation of the work is the creation of worlds.
* Kandinsky: biography facts by his artist quotes on life, early abstract painting, composition, color, circle and line: ‘Autobiography’, Wassily Kandinsky, 1918; as quoted in ”Kandinsky”, Frank Whitford, Paul Hamlyn Ltd, London 1967, p.

In the exhibition take part Anna Antarti, Athanasia Giaxidou,Vasiliki Koskiniotou, Elena Shalenkova, Dimitra Papageorgiou, Kostis Papadopoulos, Konstantinos Michalos,Theodoros Chronis.

Grand opening  Friday, 20 November 2016, 20.00-23.00

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