Dimitra Papageorgiou

I was born in 1967 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Graduated from Anatolia
College American High School in 1984.

I am painting original oil and acrylic paintings on stretched canvas and
on old wood pieces or driftwood. I am working with mixed technique using
palette knives and brushes. I am experimenting with materials and tools,
different brushstrokes, textures and use of colors. Still into searching
process of my personal artistic style.

I think mostly I am influenced and inspired by the magnificence and
splendor of the natural environment. The beauty of a single flower in a
still life, or a panoramic wild coastline scene. I am excited by the fleeting
balance between strength and fragility in nature. Our visible world, the
natural landscape, the endless blue of the sea, the summer breeze, the
blindung reflections, the waves crashing on the sea shore. The ruby-red
freshly blooming rose, the silver-green leaves of the olive trees shining in
the moonlight. From all these miracles occurring around us daily, I am
getting energy and inspiration.

Vision captures the image, landscape,human, objects, shadow, light,
colors. With my imagination I can see my object more freely and looking
for a different form that will reflects and expresses my own perception.
Creating a new image influenced from my personal experience, my
character and the mood of the moment. I am trying through my artworks
to express my inner need to transform a personal experience and
thereby to set me free from it. Ally with my unbridled imagination,
juggling between reality and dream, completely engrossed in my paintings.
It took me many years of useless struggle in the wrong path. Fighting
with myself and the whole universe around me, finally found the strength
to liberate myself, to make the first step, to follow my true passion and
real dream. Eventually this may be my achievement so far, to give myself
the freedom of expression through creativity.

I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to live in the city of
Thessaloniki for a couple of months during winter and the rest of the
year in my small apartment in the countryside in the village of Kriopigi in
Chalkidiki 100km away from my home town Thessaloniki. In both places I
have the privillege to enjoy an amazing sea view, with out which I can not
exist…..My room is my working place…..my fantastic world, my small
kingdom, or even my safe cave…..where I can enjoy my isolation and make
a big deep dive in my imagination.