Discussion “Art is Logos”

 Malouart Consulting Gallery has been conveying its online activities and remains faithful to its tradition to have art exhibitions, round table dialogues with artists, as well as with art historians.

One of the discussions “Art is Logos’’ was held on May 3, 2020 through web connections. The discussion was dedicated to art exhibition “In Between’’ successfully presented by Greek Artist Vassiliki Koskiniotou. Koskiniotou’s art is a source of innovative artistic ideas, styles, philosophical thoughts and what is more, its deep reflection of the various cultural heritages in time and space.

The web gathering was a very useful, energizing and effective experience which served a useful purpose. This means that in it desired outcomes were achieved relating to interesting topics discussed, great demonstrations of artistic achievements and establishment of numerous opportunities for future networking among art historians, philosophers and artists from different countries. It left everybody with the feeling that really somewhat was accomplished.



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