Group Exhibition of Art “ Leo Tolstoy’s Literary Female Characters in the Paintings of Greek Artists”

         23 March – 3 April 2018  Russian Center of Science and Culture in Athens

190 years ago: Famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy was born.

Leo Tolstoy is one of the world’s best known and most beloved writers.

During the 82 years of his life he wrote 90 volumes of novels, diaries, letters, and more… His works include the masterpieces ‘’War and Peace” and “Anna Karenina”. These two books stand at the peak of realistic fiction.

Besides literature, Tolstoy promoted education for peasant children, and was a philosopher, founder of the Tolstoyan movement (one of its followers was Mahatma Gandhi), and espoused the idea of non-violent resistance to evil.

Artists participating: Katia Varvaki , Konstantinos Veroutis, Paraskevi Gardeli, Eleni Deli, Georgia Ieromonachou, Petros Karavevas, Afrodite Karamanli, Christos Kontaroudis, Vasiliki Koskiniotou, Helen Kyrkilis, Caterina Marouda, Keli Mela, Stavroula Mihalopoulou, Konstantinos Mihalos, Zaharoula Bongard, Evstasia Moraitou, Maria Orfanoudaki, Sofia Papadopoulou, Vasiliki Sofra

Russian Centre of Science and Cuture in Athens , Tzavella 7, Xalandri, 152 31, Athens.

Opening Ceremony for exhibition Friday, 23 March 2018, 19.30

 “ Leo Tolstoy and World Literarure” ,Ms. Ludmila Hrinchenko- Eftasiadou, Art Director MaLou Art Consulting&Gallery, writer, poet, art historian ,philosopher.

  “Museum –estate of Leo Tolstoy ‘’Yasnaya Polyana’’,Ms. Valentina Miliaeva, Head of Exhibition Department of museum ‘’Yasnaya Polyana’’.

P.S The Group Exhibition of Art ‘’Leo Tolstoy’s Literary Female Characters in the Painting of Greek Artists’’ will be represented 9June-9July 2018 in the Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy ‘’Yasnaya Polyana” during the theatrical festival ‘’Tolstoy Weekend”

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