Symbols in Art. Who is Who? In Art Symbols is usually recognizable thing – an animal, , a plant, an object, etc- that stands for something that would be hard to show in a picture. AN IDEA. The understanding and enjoyment of a work of art depends as much on the story it depicts as on the artist’s execution of it.

4- 11 May 2017 MaLou Art Consulting & Gallery is pleased to present at the group  exhibition ”Magical world of Symbols and Archetypes in Art” paintings of contemporary artists.

6 May  Hour 13.00-15.00  Discussion ”Symbols in Art as a visible image of idea”.

Speakers: Luidmila Hrinchenko Evstathiadou, Art Director MaLou Art Consulting &Gallery

Dimitra Natskouli, psychologist, iconographer

Marievi Mastoraki, art historian . Theme ”Use of Symbols in DADA movement”


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