MaLou Art Consulting  is very pleased to announce that Konstantinos Mihalos will have a month long solo exhibition “Inner Aspects of Konstantinos Mihalos” on our online gallery

 20th of May – 20th of June, 2020

Kostas Michalos belongs to a new artist generation, where personal expression prevails over a stylistic proposition, and thus his artwork is more empirical than depicting a certain technique. He expresses through his paintings his psychological drives as well as his philosophical, spiritual and social concepts.

His art is deeply person centered even in its most abstract form, and traces of human presence are evident in all of his works, either in the form of abstract elements or as symbolic correlations.

According to Klee’s statement: Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible; K. Michalos’ painting constitutes an intrusive look in his internal obsessions, where by retracting them , they transform into images;  these images are then processed and formed into art signals or symbols, according to the concepts in the artist’s mind.

Sensitively strong, exposed, divested like a reptile which lost its skin, but aristocratically dressed in his paradox expressionism, Michalos observes new psychic aspects which reflect in the traces of his painting actions. The Ocean and the Earth utopically mingled… Assimilated areas of the visual arts as “Down – Up” and “Rear- Front”… Elongated sensitive environment… There are no borders anywhere in this expansionist paradoxical expressionism, without blatant colors but with enigmatic purples and blacks, deep reds and blues. Dynamic gestures, even though they have grace and finesse… Restrained explosive pictures… Incessantly, the Space-Time of the Paradox caters for Reality with vibrant poetical-supernatural frequencies. There, where the dimensions expand and the distances associate with each other, unprecedented perspectives are designed with unlike shapes creating new forms.

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