Ancestor’s Garden with a Poet

Ancestor’s Garden with a Poet


Artist Vassiliki Koskiniotou
Signature This work is hand-signed by artist lower right,
Medium Oil, oil stick, oil pastel painting
Themes Ancestor’s Garden with a Poet
Support Painting on canvas
Dimensions cm 110 x 90cm
Year 2012
Type Unique artwork
Framing Not framed


About the artwork: In her artwork “Ancestor’s garden with a Poet” with the humid dark green and brown color notes, Vassiliki Koskiniotou returns to one of her favorite subjects of origins and the love for poetry and poets, as well as the love of the earthy colors when they come together with the contradiction of celestial blues representing here the ‘poet’; this blue aura becomes here another symbol of a small planetary seed of human excellence and evolution.




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