Angel A

Angel A


Artist: Tasos Patiniotis
Medium: Original Handmade Ceramic Art Sculptures
Themes: Angel A
Dimensions cm: 27 x 14 x 6 cm
Type: Unique artwork


Tasos Patiniotis is well known Greek ceramic Artist. He combines ancient Greek tradition with ancient Japanese technique Raku for creating his wonderful artworks. The Artist uses the power and beauty of clay to create original human figures, angels, mermaids, decorative plates, vases and pots.
Raku ware, Japanese hand molded lead-glazed earthenware originally invented in 16th century Kyoto by the potter Chojiro, who was commissioned by Zen tea master Sen Rikyu to design wares expressly for tea ceremony. Quite distinct from wares that preceded it, Raku represents an attempt to arrive at a new kind of beauty by deliberate repudiation of existing forms.

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