Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans


Artist: Eurydice Maria Ventouri
Signature: This work is hand-signed by artist lower right
Medium: Oil Painting
Themes: Clash of the Titans
Support: Painting on canvas
Dimensions cm: 100 x 120cm
Type: Unique artwork
Year: 1990
Framing: Not Framed


About the artwork: Clash of the Titans. Eurydice Maria Ventouri is a Greek surrealist artist. She is celebrated for her vivid paintings with extraordinary compositions, in which she merges abstraction, representation and reinvention. Eurydice’s works are large in scale and her surrealistic compositions have figurative sources.

Over the course of Eurydice’s career, she continuously experimented, shifting her style to explore new techniques and forms of expression. Such regular reinvention led to a body of paintings and drawings and is characterized by boldness and innovation. The artist says: ‘’ Many of my works have no narrative. So I say that they are objects in themselves, that did not come to tell us anything about the world we live in, but may subconsciously communicate to us through strange unconscious paths of forgotten parameters’’.

For Eurydice Greek mythology is an inexhaustible source of iconographic inspirations with new symbols and versions. The Titans were the former gods, the generation of gods preceding the Olympians. They were overthrown as part of the Greek succession myth, which told how Cronus seized power from his father Uranus, and ruled the cosmos with the Titans as his subordinates, and how Cronus and the Titans were in turn defeated and replaced as the ruling pantheon of gods, by Zeus and the Olympians, in a ten-year war called the Titanomachy













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