Artist Vassiliki Koskiniotou
Signature This work is hand-signed by artist lower right,
Medium Oil, oil stick, oil pastel painting
Themes Elefsina
Support Painting on canvas
Dimensions cm 120 x 120cm
Year 2010
Type Unique artwork
Framing Not framed


About the artwork: “Elefsina’’ is one of the principal works of the Unity “Places of Passage’’ that was created by Vassiliki Koskiniotou in 2014 , with the thoughts of the artist in the Eleusinian Mysteries and the primordial female deities of birth and death , Demetra and Persephone, worshipped here. The second title of the work ‘ancient temple with furnaces’ stresses out the concern for this holy place of the goddesses of  earth and life, the Thriassion Field, which turned to a highly industrialized area from petrol industries and refineries in modern times, damaging forever its natural and symbolic beauty. It is the work which modern professor of philosophy in the University of Ioannina G. Maggini, chose for the cover of her book “Towards a Hermeneuticus of the Technological World”.


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