Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue


Artist: Caterina Marouda
Signature: This work is hand-signed by artist lower left
Medium: Oil Painting
Themes: Feeling Blue
Support: Painting on canvas
Dimensions cm: 160 x 140 cm
Year: 2016
Type: Unique artwork
Framing: Not Framed

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About the artwork

The main ability presented in Caterina Marouda’s work  is that they have an authority of objective and unhindered performance. Being a color expert, as the Venetian artists of renaissance, Caterina Marouda uses it in order to create the third dimension and to enhance the subject with the use of adversative colors. The intense use of colors is balanced accomplishes to address both the human sentiment and reason.

Feeling Blue. What does Blues music have in common with the novels of Anton Checkov? Both manage a difficult task. Both have as their theme the sadness and melancholy of life in all its manifestations. The small and big upsets, good-byes, and disappointments that accompany a life course are however carefully wrapped in a little humorous package, and garnished with a grain of salt. A delightful distance barely perceivable, is present in every blue feeling, if the carrier managed to sing or write a song about it, or to step back and create a story that will make generations laugh and cry at the same time.





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