Love in the Hands of the Blind

Love in the Hands of the Blind


Artist Vassiliki Koskiniotou
Signature This work is hand-signed by artist lower right,
Medium Oil, oil sticks, oil pastels, graphite painting
Themes Love in the Hands of the Blind
Support Painting on canvas
Dimensions cm 150 x 150 cm
Year 2006
Type Unique artwork
Framing Not framed


About the artwork:  “Love in the Hands of the Blind” is one of the most characteristic artwork of the Artist. This large-scale painting resounding of the emotion brought by language and words [all the words of this title literally incorporated on the body of the canvas here] and the contradiction of light and darkness, leading to the need of the up-worth evolution and of exaltation. The gesture of writing, the symbol of the ladder and the upper pinkish sphere of a planet, which rise in the middle of it like a rising sun, is another  “stairway to heaven” and to Hope.


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