Artist: Natalia Kostaki
Signature: This work is hand-signed by artist lower right
Medium: Painting, mixed media
Themes: Peneloppe
Support: Fiberboard
Dimensions, cm: 62 x 48
Year: 2015
Type: Unique artwork
Framing: Not Framed

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About artwork:Peneloppe

Natalia Kostaki is a Greek-Russian contemporary artist. She lives in Athens and is best known for her vivid, brightly –hued paintings that invite a broader understanding of symbolic paintings. She has developed her own unique visual aesthetic. Melding iconography, design, art-historical and mythological motifs, as well as personal experience, Natalia creates densely patterned works. Utilizing geometric shapes and colourful graphics, the artist achieves optically compelling visual effects.

She is the symbol of faith, of a female devotion, but also of love that truly lasts. Who knows whether Odysseus’ Penelope was driven by any other motivation to wait for her husband while suffering loneliness and experiencing eternal longing, apart from what we read – that she loved him and only him? Sceptics would say that she probably had no other choice as a woman of that period. When Odysseus left Ithaka, Penelope was a young woman. In these uncertain times, we’d better focus on the aspect of hope in her story. Without having any reassurance that her beloved will return, she never stopped waiting and preserving herself for his home coming. Penelope does not have an idea how her love story will and, but we feel the thrill of anticipation because we know – the glorious moment of their recognition lies just a short while ahead of her.

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