Pure Colour

Pure Colour


Artist: Caterina Marouda
Signature: This work is hand-signed by artist lower left
Medium: Oil Painting
Themes: Pure Colour
Support: Painting on canvas
Dimensions cm: 73 x 92 cm
Year: 2014
Type: Unique artwork
Framing: Not Framed

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About the artwork

The main ability presented in Caterina Marouda’s work  is that they have an authority of objective and unhindered performance. Being a color expert, as the Venetian artists of renaissance, Caterina Marouda uses it in order to create the third dimension and to enhance the subject with the use of adversative colors. The intense use of colors is balanced accomplishes to address both the human sentiment and reason.

Pure colour Colors are principles as are femininity and masculinity, and to all can be attributed strength and weakness and the curiosity about senses. Red, for instance, often represents masculine attributes such as strength, activeness and aggression as well as the element of fire. However, red has also been associated with romance, passion, lust, and fertility across nearly every long-standing civilization and the effect of red enhances sexual attraction. Alternatively, biological evolution can also account for the salience of red in sexuality, as red serves to signal sexual preparedness related to the reproductive process. The color’s past associative history is diverse and every individual associates something different depending on her, or his mood, context, and emotional situation at that moment.










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