The Poetess Ladder

The Poetess Ladder


Artist Vassiliki Koskiniotou
Signature This work is hand-signed by artist lower right,
Medium Oil, oil stick, oil pastel painting
Themes The Poetess’ Ladder
Support Painting on canvas
Dimensions cm 120 x 120cm
Year 2007
Type Unique artwork
Framing Not framed


About the artwork: Artwork “The Poetess’ Ladder” was inspired by the Greek poetess Katerina Angelaki- Rouk and her poem “The little ladder’’. Vassiliki Koskiniotou in her own special way converted the poem in amazing painting. Some of its verses are engraved in the body of the canvas and one can occasionally read them [‘my body is a small ladder which I pose against the wall of the world. I climb up it, I stretch myself to look behind the wall, behind the four walls of feeling. The little ladder keeps shaking more and more, I scorn it more and more, and I want to let myself go to the view of the gardens without any sense of direction. For days I think of the deep earth’s copulation that sprouts the grass and all the roots of this shameless vegetation.] The female nude figure standing by and through the embodied ladder is starring in the distance while on her back, some of the ‘shameless vegetation’ forms a small dark forest beneath her feet. The cloud above is promising rain, while a majestic full moon is already in the sky.





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