Wingless Angel D

Wingless Angel D


Artist: Alecos Eftathiadis
Medium: Steel Forged Sculpture
Themes: Wingless Angel D
Dimensions cm: Height 90 cm
Type: Unique artwork



The Wingless Angel D is from a Series Sculptures Wingless Angels by Alecos Eftathiadis. The Artist created sculptures with simple forms and always from metal. His visionary sculptures aimed to reveal hidden truth. Alecos Efstathiadis (25.01.1935-2.01.2011) was a Greek sculptor and art collector. Alex’s achievement as a sculptor was a pursuit to express psychological aspect of human existence in the brutal steel sculpture.

Alecos Efstathiadis is a representative of the post-modernism. Within this stylistic setting he developed a unique technique to express his classic believes and their new espousal in the modern cultural contextual.

Many artists such as Henry Moore, Manolo Valdes, followed just about the same approach. On the other hand, Efstathiadis did not only use some primitive forms as the main protagonists did, but what’s more surprises us is his usage of the metal as a piece of canvas.

His lists of metal are almost in every instance a vivid indication of the unique, organic linking and this what makes Efstathiadis works different from many other artists. Moreover, his passion for the folk Greek and modern art establishes his own unique style.

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