Vassiliki Koskiniotou

In Between

Solo Exhibition

From 17th of April till 17th of May 2020

Press Release

MaLou Art Consulting & Gallery is pleased to present the online solo exhibition ‘’In Between‘’ by Greek Artist Vassiliki Koskiniotou. Duration: From 17th of April till 17th of May 2020.

Color and I are one”: Paul Klee’s famous phrase is once more evident for this Greek painter who draws her inspiration in the abounding sources of nature’s beauty and energy, but also language and poetry as one of the most significant expressions of human condition.

With mixed media and more often oils, oil pastels, inks and graphite, on cotton papers and handmade prepared canvases, koskiniotou’s pictures,

are usually chromatically balanced to an almost musical harmony, materializing a self-sufficient recognizable visual world.

In her universe we can discern forms with vivid symbolic content such as the moon, the grain, the rain,the arrow, the ladder, the egg and the vessel, signs of the immersion in the self and the world, allegories of creation, transition or evolution and metamorphoses.

As D.Loukidelis notes about her work ‘ we have to do with exceptional painting, with emotive sensitivity and personal vision, in between abstract and representational art, which often draws its inspiration from language and poetry.

In the present era of demythisation, hyper-information and logocentrism, Koskiniotou’s painting proves, in its poetic character, to be particularly relevant, as it communicates discretely, remythologising the ineffable through symbols, metaphors, archetypes

and images from which meaning springs”.

Vassiliki Koskiniotou about her art

Through my artworks I have the intention to speak in terms of pure colors, shapes and gestures for unspeakable states of mind and mainly soul. Taking inspiration in all sorts of excitements but mostly in all kinds of art itself, especially in music and poetry, I suppose I form a bridge of myself between my eyes and yours, searching, trying to trace some  meaningfullness in a little  meaningful world.

“In Between” seems today to be the most accurate title for this immaterial paintings show, which actually exists in their whole body, but now they are only in the distance we share. As it happens for many of our common social and even personal rituals anymore: in between is a place where passion can grow in between is the only place where a truth can be found.


Vassiliki Koskiniotou   lives and works in Athens,


 2006:  Diploma in Visual Arts, the Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece

2002   seminar in aesthetics, history and philosophy of art, Un/ty of Athens

and University Lumiere II, Lyon, France

1991   Diploma in Translation, I.F.A. Athens, Proficiency in Engl.Cambridge Un/ty

1990   Degree in French Language and Literature, University of Athens

 [Solo shows ]

2020 In between, Malouart gallery, online solo exhibition

2019 ‘10 +2 rope ladders 4the summer’ Argalasti, Pelion, university of        Thessaly,

2018   Tender Jazziness cur. El.Andreopoulos, Mingus cavabar, Athens,

2014   Online Exhibition by CHRONOS Magazine

2014   Places of Passage  Artzone  42 Gallery, Athens,

2013  Breastfeeding mothers  Alexandra’s Uni/ty Hospital, Athens

 2012  Spring Studies  Nroom-Art Space, Tokyo,

 2008   Origins and Ladders Titanium Art Gallery, Athens,

2008   Traces of Ladder and Other Erotic Works Metaichmio, Athens.

[Selected Group Shows] 

2020  9 women artists, cur.V.Siaterli, Cultural Center of Cyprus, Athens,

2019  Dipola-3 generations of Greek art cur.D.Lambrou, Heracleion, Crete

‘6×3+6’ Contemporary Greek artists in Saint George Gallery, Lycabetus, Athens , cur.V. Koskiniotou

 Artists in Motherhood, cur.M. Roussioti,Lascaridou Foundation, Ath.

 2018   “Axios Estin”Greek Artists’ Exhibition , Estate of Leon Tolstoy “Yasnaya Polyana”, Russia, cur.Malouartgallery

Artists Books, project II, Athens School of Fine Arts, cur.F.Mouzakiti,

Neapolis- Now and Then, Hellecic-American Union, Ath. Cur.L.Karapidaki

2017   Art Athina, Art Athina International Contemporary Art Fair, ArtZone42 Gallery,

My imaginary homeland, the Loft Artspace, Ath, cur.H.Papapostolou

Livres d’ artistes by 36 contemporary Greek artists, Athens A.S.F.A. cur. F.Mouzakiti, D. Stavrou,

 ‘Female’s SchoolSofia Laskarides Foundation,c.M.Rousioti, Athens

2016   Μεταμόρφωσις- Beyond Shape/ ArtMoore House, London,

          Dialogue between the artist and the spectator, MalouArt Gallery, Ath.

2015  Μythologies retailed,  cur. Eva Kekou, Chania, Crete,

 Threads and Shadows, cur. Maria Schina, the Art Loft, Athens

2014  Words and colour, c. H. Papapostolou, Kaplanon gallery, Athens

2013   Big crisis, Small works, c.V. Vayenou, Follow Your Art Gallery

2012   Hope/kibou, Nerima Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo,

2012   More female than ever Follow Your Art Gallery, Kythira isl. Gr.

Valentine’s Room’,  Nroom-Artspace, Nerima, Tokyo,

2011  Immagina, 13th Contemporary Art-Fair Fiere di Reggio Emilia, Italy

Homage to Lafcadio Hearn Art & Book exhibition, Nippon Gallery, NY

2011 Not female at all, cur.V.Vayenou, Chorostasion space, Athens

20 graduates of ASFA for Lexus IS of Τoyotα  Foundation of Hellenic World,  curated by A.S.F.A.[Athens School of Fine Arts]

2010 The Open Mind of Lafcadio Hearn, Matsue Museum Castle, Japan

Erisychthon:, Kanellopoulos Foundation- Academy of Athens, Eleusis, cur. L.Karapidakis

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