November  25,2020 – January 15,2021

MaLou Art Consulting & Gallery is excited to present the upcoming online solo exhibition

ΙΠΠΟ-ΚΑΘΑΨΙΑ of the uniquely talented Greek artist Eurydice Maria Ventouri.

The title of the exhibition ‘’ΙΠΠΟ-ΚΑΘΑΨΙΑ’’is not accidental..The word ΙΠΠΟ-ΚΑΘΑΨΙΑ means acrobatics on a horse. The equivalent of the bullfighting that took place in ancient Crete with a bull. It consists of two words: ‘Ιππο-horse and καθάψια-leaping

Eurydice Maria Ventouri  was born in Athens. She followed her Αrchitecture studies in France, in Rouen at the beginning, (first cycle) and in Paris thereafter (second and third cycle of studies) at the National School of Architecture of Paris-La Villette ( UP6) from which she graduated. During her studies in Rouen she had the chance to attend the engraving class of Jacques Ramondot (professor of engraving at the National School of Fine Arts) where she learned a lot about metal engraving. At that time, during her stay in France, she mainly worked with ink drawings and etchings and dry point. After her return to Greece, she mainly worked with oil painting on canvas. She took part in many exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Eurydice Maria Ventouri: ‘’How I work? My works are an automatic recording of the subconscious. They are built on their own and I just watch them, help and take care of their structure and aesthetic development … I lend my hand and act like a midwife to what she wants to be born through me … Maybe they are the primitive elements of the common subconscious who mixed with my subconscious looking for light ….. asking to be born  somewhat in some mysterious way …’’

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