Vangelis Andreopoulos studied Painting at the Athens School of
Fine Arts, at the A Painting Workshop run by Dimitris Mytaras,
and Etching at the B Etching Workshop run by Thanasis
Exarhopoulos. He graduated in 1996 with top marks. In 1995,
he attended Painting and Etching lessons at the Royal Academy
of Fine Arts in Hague with scholarship awarded by the State
Scholarships Foundation (IKY). From 1998 to 2012 he worked
at the Greek newspaper “Eleftherotypia” as an illustrator for the
newspaper supplements “Vivliothiki”, “Epta” and ‘Fakelos”.
From 2000 to date, he has been teaching Painting and
Illustration at the AKTO Art & Design College while from 2013
to date he has been teaching Photography and Photography
Editing for the Adult Education Program run by the Psychico
Athens College. He has presented his works in individual as
well as group exhibitions both and Greece and abroad.

Throughout my artistic career, both the designing clarity and the
power of synthesis have constituted the basic characteristic as
well as the core of my work. Through the systematic and
analytic study of nature, light, shape and volume, I have
gradually established my very personal creative way of
expression materialized mostly by means of strong architectural
and geometric structures.
Still lifes, syntheses of objects but also nature related themes,
are all designed and combined conforming to this strict
geometric structure, combined with imaginary elements and
forms, which result from the analytic and designing needs of
each work. For the production of the abovementioned works,
mixed materials are always used, often including the technique
of collage which supports, both in terms of design and
expression, the architectural style characterizing the works.