‘’We have to do with exceptional painting, with emotive sensitivity and personal vision, on the borderline between abstract and representational art, which at times draws its inspiration from poetry and language. Mixed media with oils, oil sticks and oil pastels on paper and canvas, chromatically balanced to an almost musical harmony, materialize a self-sufficient visual world. In this universe we can discern forms with vivid symbolic content which constitute a painting idiom which, albeit only scarcely anthropomorphic, is in its essence deeply anthropocentric.

The images of ladders, avid in Koskiniotou’s work act as leitmotif: at times vertical in its track upwards, at other times the end of spiral or a helix, occasionally it roughly outlines a female form, or hints at the double helix of life and creation; and with the ladder, the arrow, a sign and trace of movement, transition, even transformation, but primarily of humanization and erotic origin; the rain, a pattern of immersion, nourishment, fertility and intercourse; diverse celestial bodies, signs of the attraction of the bond; the moon, a self-referential sign of the immersion in the self and in the world; the arc-house and the vessel, allegories of existence and transition respectively ; organic forms such as  the seed, the stem, images of flourishing and fruit-bearing, metaphors of the creation of life and of artistic creation; emerging or suggestively concealed forms , in potential creator-mothers, maternal figures assuming the shape of a house or a crop, couples floating over the background  of organic landscapes of the microcosmos and cosmological landscapes of the macrocosmos in a manner evoking Chagall, Klee and Miro.”

Dimitris Loukidelis

From the catalogue of the exhibition V.Koskiniotou, Metechnio, April-May 2008/Athens, Greexe


2006   Degree in Visual Arts, the Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece

2002   Postgraduate Seminar in Philosophy of Art, University of Athens

1991   Postgraduate Seminar in History of Art and Bilingual Translation,

Universite Lumiere II, Lyon, France

1990   Diploma in Translation, I.F.A. Athens

1989   Degree in French Language and Literature, University of Athens


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2008               Traces of Ladder and Other Erotic WorksMetaixmion- Gallery, Athens


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2015   Threads and Shadows, the Art Loft, Athens                                           

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