Zacharias Papantoniou was born in 1978 in Athens, Greece. He studied Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts. He continued his studies as a Fulbright Scholar and earned his MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. He has had two solo shows and participated in several group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Papantoniou’s work has a personal tone that uses contemporary visual language of multiple references and influences and is driven by the ambition to drag up and see through the internal concerns and reflections of the artist’s own nature. Adopting color’s richness and texture as a vehicle, Papantoniou oscillates from abstract to representational and uses intuition with an extremely analytical process to create poetic works with emotional and intellectual density. Each painting is “orchestrated” in layers through superposed arrangements, crossings and readjustments while avoiding any superficial resolutions. A poly-prismatic image emerges that has multiple readings and meanings.


2008 Bakala Foundation Scholarship

2007 Fulbright Scholarship

2005 Nomination – Modern European Painting Frysiras Award

(FA2), Frysiras Museum


2013 Kaplanon 5 Gallery (-catalogue) Athens, GR

2011 Kaplanon 5 Gallery (-catalogue) Athens, GR


 2016 ‘’Μεταμόρφωσις: Beyond Shapes’’,ArtMoorHouse, London,UK

2013 ART-ATHINA with Kaplanon 5 Gallery (-catalogue) Athens, GR

2011 ART-ATHINA with Kaplanon 5 Gallery, Athens, GR

2009 Paine and Bakalar Galleries/ Massart, «Graduate Thesis Show»

(-catalogue) Boston, US

2008 Boston University (BU), BYC/ «Boston Young Contemporaries»

(Boston, US)

Doran Gallery/ Massart, Boston, US

2006 Frysiras Museum for the Modern European Painting Frysiras

Award of 2005 (-catalogue) Athens, GR